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Product Review from LUXOLA – The Balm Bahama Mama, Betty-Lou Manizer and Mary-Lou Manizer



I recently purchased The Balm Bahama Mama matte bronzer, as well as the Betty-Lou Manizer and Mary-Lou Manizer highlighters.

I've read so much about these products online and thought I would give them a go.


The Bahama Mama matte bronzer is a beautiful matte bronzing powder which can also be used to contour and is great as an eyeshadow.  What I love most about this bronzer is that it gives that sun-kissed look without any orange undertones (so there's no risk of looking like an oompa loompa!).  The pigment is intense and long lasting.  A thumbs up from me!

Bahama mama

The Mary-Lou Manizer is a honey-coloured highlighter powder that is also great as an eyeshadow.  I love it to highlight the cheekbones, the brow bone, the tear duct, and the cupids bow.  It can go on intense, or you can use it lightly.  It's not as chunky as a lot of other highlighters on the market but the pigment is super intense!  The skin lights up and looks completely luminous with this product! I am really liking it!! Luminous skin and 'strobing' is all the rage at the moment!

Mary lou

The Betty-Lou Manizer is a shimmery bronzer that adds the right amount of shimmer and subtle colour to your face. It is great as a highlighter and gives your skin a subtle glow.  Another great product from The Balm.
Betty lou
The verdict – LOVE The Balm products and would definitely purchase again!
Here's one of my client's, Rebecca, wearing all three products.

I purchased all these products through LUXOLA at

The service at Luxola was SUPER fast and I got my package within a couple of days.

And the beautiful people at LUXOLA have offered a 15% discount to all my readers – so make sure you enter the code BLX-MAKEUPARTISTRY at the checkout to get your 15% off products!!!!!!!! The offer is valid until 31 July 2015, and cannot be used on the non-discountable brands.


Thanks for reading and HAPPY SHOPPING!

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Product Review – Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow

I have been lusting after this Charlotte Tilbury face sculpt and highlight duo for ages!  The reviews were pretty much amazing, and lots of my makeup artist friends were saying it was a must have in their kits!


I finally gave in and purchased it online from Net-a-Porter for around $100 – you can buy it here


After the first time I used it I was blown away!!!  No other sculpting powder is as natural and uplifting as this one.  And the highlight is so subtle, yet effective.  I fell in love instantly!!!

You can see an incredible video of how to use it by the sensational Charlotte Tilbury herself here:

There are so many over-the-top contour powders and highlighters (and artists!!) on the market at the moment.  And anyone who knows my style knows I am just not into that OTT sculpting that looks like mud smeared across the cheekbones, down the nose, and across the forehead!  It's all the rage on instagram at the moment, but I think people have forgotten that contouring is not meant to make women look like drag-queens!!! It's meant to softly and subtly sculpt the face… which this Charlotte Tilbury product definitely achieves!  The subtle pearl also creates a lovely bronzing effect for that sun-kissed look!  But remember – less is more!

The highlighter is delicious!!! It has a golden base that flatters most skin tones.  The Light reflective technology captures the light and gives a luminous complexion.  And as you can see from the video, it can be used to highlight not just the face, but the decolletage and parts of the body like the arms. 


I absolutely love this product and I think everyone needs it!!!!

bronzeglow bronze2

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What do I apply first, foundation or concealer?

I get asked this question all the time – what do I apply first first, foundation or concealer? 

There are no real "rules" when it comes to makeup, and everyone does things differently.

I can only offer advice based on what MY preference is. 


Generally, if I have to colour correct, I will do that first (so correcting under eye darkness with a peachy corrector, for instance.  Or correcting redness with a green colour corrector).  I only do this when really necessary and use a small amount of product.

I will then apply the foundation all over the face (I tend to use at least two different coloured foundations on various areas of the face).

Then once the foundation is applied I will then conceal ONLY WHERE NEEDED in a shade close to the natural skin colour.  Some people say to go one or two shades lighter than your natural colour, but I prefer to closely match the natural skin colour, and then brighten under the eye with an under eye brightening powder!  When applying concealer under the eye, make sure you bring it down into a V like the picture depicts below:

under eye

The problem I find when concealing before foundation, is that you are concealing areas where you probably won't need to because the foundation will do a good enough job!

Applying concealer AFTER foundation means you are applying less product, ( saving you money AND you're avoiding excess makeup or a cake face!)

My favourite concealers at the moment include the M.A.C Pro Longwear Concealer (pictured below).  The M.A.C. Select Cover concealers are also very good:

mac concealer

I also really like the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye (pictured below).  The trick is to use the TINIEST amount, however, and to lightly set with a powder:

IT-COSMETICS-BYE-BYEYou can purchase these from PM STUDIO  for $39.

My favourite way of applying concealer is with a small fluffy brush like the  Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush (in the purple eye set) – second from the left, pictured below :


This brush is great for applying concealer under the eye area.  A flat brush like the "accent brush" is great for patting concealer onto pesky pimples and blemishes.

By buffing the concealer into the skin as opposed to patting it over the top, it creates a more natural finish! Let's face it, no one wants to have an obviously concealed under eye area!



Once the concealer is lightly buffed in, I then set it with a light powder like Ben Nye setting powder, and then an under eye brightener like the Laura Mercier Under Eye Brightening Powder.

My favourite brush for setting powders under the eye is hands down the Real Techniques Setting Brush, pictured below:

real techniques setting brush

You can buy all the Real Techniques brushes from PRICELINE

So in a nutshell, foundation first followed by small amounts of concealer buffed into the skin (or patted onto blemishes) and set with powder!




If you have any questions you want to ask me, please contact me via email at or via my facebook page at

I am happy to answer any beauty and makeup questions you may have.


Rebekah Foxe

Makeup Artistry by Rebekah

What makeup brands are in my kit?

One of the questions I get asked most by clients is "What brand of makeup do you use?"


The answer is that I don't use one particular brand of makeup, as I don't believe one brand completely satisfies my needs as a makeup artist.


I have possibly over 15 brands of cosmetics in my kit, and that number increases all the time.  I am constantly discovering new amazing products and ditching products that no longer work for me.  I believe in using the best and if that means using a different brand of primer to lipstick to foundation, then so be it.  I also need to cater for all skin types and colours, so one foundation is going to look great on one person, but could terrible on another person.  I need full coverage matte foundations like Makeup Atelier Paris, medium coverage dewy foundations like Make Up For Ever HD, primers for oily skin like Graftobian Anti-Shine, and primers for dry skin like Embryolisse.


At Makeup Artistry by Rebekah I believe in giving my clients a professional service, using only the best professional and high quality products.  Using brands that are used by professionals is important to me. 

My favourite blushes and illuminators are definitely NARS.  "Luster" is one of my favourites.



The ultimate professional eyeshadow palette has to be the Viseart neutral palette. Unbelievable staying power and colour pay-off, not to mention blendability!


Viseart and Inglot also score well on the IN MY KIT website page developed by Kevin James Bennett, which has become the bible of most makeup artists around the world.  See here

My three favourite black gel liners have to be Makeup Atelier Paris waterproof gel liner,  INGLOT Gel Liner and MAC fluidline eye liner in "Black Track".  Again, mentioned on IN MY KIT at

Each are favourites for many reasons – Atelier because it is completely waterproof, Inglot is smudgeproof and is extremely black, and MAC works well in the waterline where others may smudge.



Wayne Goss (my favourite You Tube Makeup Artist) also rates Atelier and MAC gel liners on this YouTube review


There are way too many of my favourite lipstick brands that I could list.  M.A.C, are a definite favourite.

IMG_3432.JPG (2)

Lime Crime also have an incredible range of lip stains – lime crime velvetines.  I have reviewed these lip stains in a previous blog post found here:

lime crime 3

So the answer to the question of what brands do I use in my kit is:

Makeup Atelier Paris, Face Atelier, Make Up For Ever, NARS, M.A.C., IT Cosmetics, Ben Nye, Stila, Cinema Secrets, Graftobian, Embryolisse, Skindinavia, Viseart, Model in a Bottle, Urban Decay, Lime Crime, Chanel, Inglot, and the list goes on….


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Multi-functional makeup – cost effective makeup with more than one use.

There are so many makeup products on the market that have more than one use. Using a product for more than one area not only reduces the size of your makeup kit, but is also cost effective!!!!

Here are a couple for you:



It's not a new trend – women have been using lipsticks as blush or "rouge" for decades, probably even longer! 

Using lipstick as a blush is almost tradition!

I personally like using cream blush or lipsticks before going over with a powder blush for more colour pay off.

Stila seem to be really good at creating multi-use makeup.

The Stila Convertible Colour Palette is designed for both lips and cheeks.  This palette was a limited edition, however, you can buy each convertible from Mecca Cosmetica

stila convertible1










Photo courtesy of












Photo courtesy of

These little cream pots of goodness are a beautiful lipstick, and double as an amazing cream blush with a dewy finish! This is a must have for my kit!

Another good convertible product is the Nars Multiples.  This product has shimmer and was also designed to be used as an eye base.

nars multiples







Photo courtesy of



Cream or gel eyeliners can often be used all over the lid to form a base for more vibrant, long lasting eyeshadows.

Again, stila seem to have nailed this.  The Stila smudge-pot is the perfect liner and/or shadow – great for a smokey eye.

stila smudge pot









Photo courtesy of

You can purchase these smudge pots individually from Mecca Cosmetica


I also love using the Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams all over the lid.  They can also be used as a liner. Some colours can also be used on the cheeks or lips. Once these set they are smudgeproof, creaseproof, and waterproof.  Karla Sugar has done an amazing blog post on the colours available (with swatches)

MUFE aqua








Photo courtesy of



There's often no need to buy a separate brow powder if you have an array of brown matte eyeshadows to choose from.  M.A.C have a great variety of matte shadows which could double as a brow powder, like CORK.

MAC cork







Photo courtesy of the Makeup Geek



Why buy a separate contouring powder when you have a perfectly good matte bronzer?

My favourite matte bronzer is M.A.C MATTE BRONZER available here

mac bronzer















Everyone owns eyeshadows – but have you ever thought of using them wet as an eyeliner!?

Apply along the lashline with a wet angle brush


Hope these tips have helped!


Rebekah Foxe

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, Sydney

Makeup Artistry by Rebekah



Classic Bridal Makeup

Your wedding photographs will last forever.  For this reason, you want to be able to look at your wedding photos in 20 years time, and not cringe at your hair and makeup.  I believe it’s so important to have a classic bridal look on your wedding day – save the blue eyeshadow for your hens night!


The secret to perfect bridal makeup is to have beautiful skin where the foundation is not ”obvious”, but still gives great coverage (let’s face it, we all want flawless skin!).  You want your eyes to be the emphasis – without being too stark.  A flush to the cheeks, a soft lipstick, and long lashes look so beautiful in photographs – and you will still think it’s beautiful in 20 years time!




Neutral colours on the eyes are a must – browns, golds, soft pinks, bieges and taupes will bring out your beautiful eyes!!  I much prefer these tones as opposed to silvers, which can often throw off a blue tinge.

Rebecca oxlade watermark2 1000 pixels



Don’t get me wrong, brides don’t necessarily need to be afraid of colour – a red lip can look absolutely stunning, and still classic and elegant.

Andrea RT34


A bold smokey eye can also look great when neutral colours are used – just like Jessica and her fun bridal party, pictured below!

Jessica Larum


Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life – you want to look timeless and elegant!

To view my bridal gallery click on this link


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Makeup Atelier Paris – why it really IS the best foundation in the world.

It’s no secret that I adore Wayne Goss.

For those of you that don’t know who he is, he is a UK based makeup artist who has his own You-Tube channel with almost 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS.  Famous for his product reviews as well as makeup tutorials, he knows his stuff, has the most amazing makeup collection, and is lovely to watch (not to mention easy on the eye! I am convinced that that wink he does at the end of every video is directed at me…). So you can imagine my delight when I saw a You-Tube video where he asserts that Makeup Atelier Paris HD Foundation is probably the best foundation in the world.

I have been using this professional brand of makeup for around 7 years now and feel confident in saying that there is no other foundation like Makeup Atelier Foundation.  I have foundations like Make Up For Ever, MAC, Cinema Secrets, Face Atelier, and Graftobian in my kit – they all have their place and I do love them… but the Makeup Atelier Paris waterproof liquid foundation is my go-to foundation, providing medium to full coverage for almost all skin types.  The thing I love about it is that it is not noticeable on the skin so it looks really natural, even though the coverage is phenomenal.  And as Wayne Goss says in this video it is SO waterproof you will have a hard time getting it off!  So you can see the appeal for bridal makeup where it is required to last for over 15 hours on the skin without touch-ups!  I have often received messages from my brides telling me that the makeup did not move all night!

See Wayne Goss in this video on You-Tube – Probably the best liquid foundation in the world

Here are a few examples of my work using Makeup Atelier Paris waterproof liquid foundation.  You can see how it not only evens out the skin tone, but provides exceptional coverage without looking caked on.

Bear in mind that many of these photographs were taken with my iPhone, and I am not a professional photographer by any means!






If you’re in NSW or ACT you can purchase Makeup Atelier Paris from Making Faces Makeup Studio at

If you have any questions about the products, Meryll is always more than happy to help and can be contacted via telephone on 02 4232 2248.



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My top 13 products of 2013!

I have quite a large makeup kit, and it’s hard to pin-point my favourite products because I love them all.

Now that 2013 is over, I thought I would list my top 13 products of 2013!!  All of these products are items that I discovered and fell in love with over the past year or two.  Products that I now cannot live without!



This is a staple in many makeup artist’s kits.  It is a rich moisturising lotion that acts as a moisturiser, primer, and makeup remover.  It is simply amazing.

You can buy Embryolisse from any of these stockists:




This beautiful silicone foundation truly looks like skin and is my go-to foundation for mature and dry/normal skins.  It gives a beautiful dewy finish with great coverage, and looks great on everyone!  You can purchase Face Atelier products at PM Studio –




This anti-shine primer can matiffy even the oiliest of faces.  Results are instant and long-lasting. A truly amazing product!

You can purchase this primer online from CCA Cosmetics




There is no other product that gives life to skin like MAC Strobe.  It brightens and clarifies the skin with iridescent particles and anti-oxidants.  It also enhances the effect of light on the skin.  This product is amazing when applied on certain areas of the face before foundation, or when mixed in with foundation.  I am obsessed!

You can buy MAC online at or in any MAC store.  Do not buy MAC from other “sellers” as there are a lot of very good looking fakes around!




This is a beautiful tinted powder that is matte, not shimmery, and gives a natural tan colour to the skin.

You can buy MAC online at or in any MAC store.  Do not buy MAC from other “sellers” as there are a lot of very good looking fakes around!




This velvet soft powder looks AMAZING on the skin, and provides a gorgeous highlight to cheeks and other areas of the face and decolletage. I love to brush a little across the cupids bow to enhance and highlight the lips.

You can buy MAC online at or in any MAC store.  Do not buy MAC from other “sellers” as there are a lot of very good looking fakes around!




NARS blushes are my favourite powder blush.  This warm colour adds a luster, glow, and warmth to cheeks, with a slight sheen (and no shimmer, which I love).

I buy all my NARS from Kiss and Makeup NY –




It’s no secret I am in love with the Eye of Horus eye pencils.  My favourite and most used is the black smokey eye pencil.  The waxy texture glides on with such a strong pigment.  These pencils are great as a base on the entire lid for smokey eyes.

For your nearest stockist of Eye of Horus products visit here:




I bought a couple of these little beauties at IMATS and adored them instantly.  They are a great base for the eyes and perfect for bridal.  I use the champagne colour most.  The bronze is also lovely!

You can purchase Make Up For Ever products at




So many makeup artists rave about this gel liner so I just had to see it for myself.  I was impressed from the beginning with the strong pigment, creamy texture, and longevity of this product.  I have oily lids and eye liner rarely stays put for me, but I can wear this gel liner for 12 hours and it still looks perfect. AMAZING!

There can be purchased from Inglot stores or online at




Without a doubt this eyeshadow palette is one of my most used – the colours are gorgeous, and the pigment is great.  It’s the perfect “Naked” palette!

I purchased mine from Beauty Bay –



These are a recent acquisition – creme blush AND lipstick in one.  These glide onto the cheek and give a beautiful soft and dewy colour that powder blushes just cannot give.  Simply delicious!

You can purchase this product from Mecca Cosmetica –



These lip glosses are my obsession.  They glide on as a gloss, but dry a matte velvet.  The colours are smoking hot – Red Velvet, Suedeberry (an orange/red) and the new Pink Velvet.  Nothing makes a woman feel more sexy than a bold lipstick!

You can purchase these babies from Modelrock Lashes at


The image below is courtesy of 

lime crime 3

So there they are – my top 13 products for 2013!!


Feel free to comment on this post to ask any questions about these products, or email me at



Rebekah Foxe

Makeup Artistry by Rebekah

It’s all about that WOW BROW!

I’ve been a makeup artist for almost 10 years now, and the one thing that most of my client’s are shocked to see me do is define their brows!!  In fact, I would go so far as saying that many of them are frightened of any brow work, and a few even refuse any brow shaping or definition.  I can kind of understand why, because it’s hard to move outside your comfort zone – but brows are the frame to your eyes, and are SO important!  Good brows frame your face and accentuate your eyes!

Brow definition can make a HUGE difference to the whole makeup look when done properly.

Look at the difference a bit of brow definition made to this my client, Sam’s, makeup:

SAM before and after

At the moment, the fashion is all about the WOW BROW – eye brows are big again.  From brushed up and boyish, to shapely and full, the statement brow has been seen amongst many celebrities of late, like Natalie Portman and Princess Kate!

Natalie portman

I absolutely love the full brow look – it is so chic!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from loving the famous Brooke Shield brow… but a fuller brow is definitely a lot more flattering to me than last decade’s thin, manicured brows!

Just look at this photo taken from of Keira Knightly with both fuller and thinner brows – I know which style I think is more attractive!

Kiera Knightly

If you are thinking you could never achieve this look because you over-plucked when you were younger (I am a victim of early twenties over-plucking myself!), you are wrong! There are many products that can help you achieve a fuller brow – brow gels, pencils and shadows can all help.  Shadows are great for beginners, and can look more ‘natural’ than pencils and gels. I like to use more than one colour to give a more natural look. The secret when using a brow pencil is to draw in tiny strokes, in a flick like motion to give a more natural hair-like appearance.

I prefer to leave shaping in terms of plucking/waxing/threading to the experts. But it’s really easy for you to enhance that shape using brow products at home.  Brands like Too Faced and Vanity Mark make great brow kits, but there’s nothing stopping you from using a matte eyeshadow on a firm angle brush.  My favourite angle brush for brow shadows is the Real Techniques angle brush you will find in their eye brush kit (available at Priceline).

Another technique to resurrect your full brow is brow tattooing… not something I would do personally, but I’ve seen some amazing photographs of really natural looking brow work using tattoos.

You can also buy brow stencils which are placed over the brow for you to “colour in”.  I do, however, prefer the look when the shape isn’t as harsh near the nose.

When enhancing your brows, just remember that the brow should start in line with the tear duct, and should follow your natural brow shape.

Here’s a diagram that gives you an idea of where the different points of the brow should be.

Portrait of Fresh and Beautiful brunette woman

Of course, the fuller brow that is on trend at the moment tends to have less of an arch.

I hope these brow tips have helped. I will leave you now with a photo from – Cara Delevingne and her beautiful signature brows (and face!)



Happy Brow-ing!

Rebekah Foxe
Makeup Artistry by Rebekah

Top product for July 2013!

It's time to tell you what my top product for July is.  It's always so hard to decide on just one – but this month I am going to have to choose:

Lime Crime Velvetines

I waited MONTHS for these little babies to come back into stock after being sold out WORLDWIDE!!!! All I can say is they were worth the wait… they glide on your lips like gloss, and dry like a velvet matte lip stain.  I can eat and drink for 8 hours straight and they do NOT budge.  The colours are exquisite – Red Velvet is a deep red colour, and the Suedeberry is a gorgeous, on-trend orange/red.  I wear these so often, and they are very popular in my kit!  Brides love them as it means they can rock a red lip without worrying about transfering their lip colour to their new husbands lips!!!  You can purchase these from Makeup and Glow (my favourite online makeup store!) for just $21.95 each!

lime crime


On the left is the RED VELVET and the right, SUEDEBERRY.



And my beautiful client wearing Lime Crime Velvetine in Suedeberry

Simmones sister blog


My advice: Get one of each!!! You will not regret it.


Rebekah Foxe
Makeup Artistry by Rebekah