(as at January 2024)



Makeup only*

Hair only

Makeup* and Hair









Mother of the bride








Junior bridesmaids (under 12 – full face of light makeup)




Junior bridesmaids (under 12 – eyeshadow, blush, lipstick)

Complimentary (free)



Flower girls

Complimentary (free)










– Trials are held in-studio at Moorebank.
– Trials with our team artists may be held at your home or at the artist’s studio and may incur a small travel fee.


* Prices vary depending on the size of the bridal party. Prices shown above are based on a party of 4 or more.
* An additional call out fee/ surcharge may apply for bookings of less than 4 people.  There is a minimum call out fee for Friday, Saturday and Sunday bookings.
* Lipsticks and powder compacts can be purchased via Rebekah at least two weeks prior to the wedding, to enable touch-ups on the day.
* A travel surcharge may also apply.
* A surcharge may apply to weddings that fall on a public holiday or long weekend.
* If your service is to be carried out at a hotel, the parking fee will be charged to you on the wedding day.





Makeup only

Hair only

Makeup and Hair

Formal/Special occasion

(at studio in Moorebank)*




*Mobile bookings incur a minimum call-out fee and travel fee.



Contact Rebekah for a quote for half-day and full-day rates.


Terms and Conditions


1. A non-refundable booking fee is required to secure all bookings.

2. A travel surcharge may apply for locations outside the Local area (Moorebank).

3. An early callout fee may be applied if makeup is required prior to 6am (or later if outside Sydney Metro area).

4. Payments can be made via cash on the day only by prior agreement, otherwise payment is to be made via a direct deposit internet transfer AT LEAST two weeks prior to the wedding.

5. Your booking fee/deposit is non-refundable after the initial 24 hour cooling off period. This means that you will forfeit this fee in the event that my services are no longer required.

6. If your wedding is postponed prior to the 6 month period before your wedding date I may honour your booking fee, if you choose to book an alternative date.

7. If your wedding is postponed/cancelled within the 6 month period leading up to the original date you will forfeit your booking fee, if you choose to book an alternative date you may be required to pay another booking fee.

8. If you cancel your booking within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment, you may be liable to pay the account in full. If you do not turn up for your appointment without notifying us, or if you do not respond to any communication confirming your booking, you will be invoiced for the full amount.  If you fail to respond to communication confirming your booking, despite paying a deposit, the booking will be deemed to have been cancelled by you and you will be liable for the full amount.

9. If the number of people requiring makeup changes less than four months before the date of your wedding, you are still liable to pay the original quoted price. If the number changes more than four months before the date of your wedding, a new quote will be sent to you quoting current prices, and the original quote will be null and void.

10. If you pay your balance by direct deposit, I request that this direct deposit payment be made AT LEAST two weeks prior to your wedding day. If you prefer to pay in cash, payment on the wedding day is accepted only by prior agreement. Please note I do not have credit card facilities, nor do I accept cheque payments.

11. If you order a touch-up lipstick and/or powder through me, the cost of this will be added to your final invoice.

12. The price quoted is based on the number of people booked, as well as location. Should any of these conditions vary, so too may the price. Quotes are valid for 30 days.

13. If for some reason your allocated makeup or hair artist is unable to fulfil the appointment for personal, health, or other reasons, another artist will be sent in her place. If this is deemed unsatisfactory, then a full refund will be given.

14. If you are running late to your appointment you may incur an additional surcharge of $50 per hour or part thereof.



15. Any parking associated costs will be charged to the client. If we are required to attend a hotel, parking is to be organised at the hotel with easy access to the location. If we are attending another location where parking is scarce (e.g. inner city residence) the client is required to organise a parking space within a close walking distance to the residence as our kits often weigh in excess of 50kg.

16. Travel fees may be incurred if we are required to travel outside the local area. Travel fees will be incurred for destinations weddings in places like the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands, etc. Overnight accommodation the night before the wedding may be required for each artist for destinations of some distance, like the Hunter Valley.  If your location changes, or if access to the location requires more travel time or delay, a further travel fee will be incurred. 



17. Unless a list of ingredients of potential reactive ingredients are presented to me before the makeup application, Makeup Artistry by Rebekah is not responsible for any reactions to makeup.

18. If you or your bridal party are suffering from any type of contagious illness including, but not limited to, conjunctivitis, eye styes/cysts, cold sores, open wounds/cuts on the face and neck, staph infection, head lice, or a flu (including Covid-19) or other contagious illness, I need to be informed as a matter of urgency and reserve the right to refuse service of any infectious person. This is a precaution taken in order to ensure non-contamination of my kit and brushes, despite the fact all items are sanitised between clients.



19. For all mobile bookings we require a workspace that is clean and in an area that is well-ventilated with natural sunlight. We cannot set up in bathrooms for hygiene reasons. Generally, the dining table is the ideal spot, otherwise a kitchen bench or other table at waist-height. A nearby power-point is required for hair styling.

20. Please ensure no one smokes near or around the makeup artist and hair stylist and their kits.

21. We request that all parties cooperate on the day of the booking which includes being ready at the scheduled time for hair and makeup, and not eating or using mobile phones whilst getting makeup done. This will ensure we run on time and there is no delay. Please ensure all other instructions provided to you prior to the booking are followed, e.g. to make sure hair is washed and dried prior to the artist’s arrival, to avoid any additional fees.



22. All photographs taken by Rebekah Foxe Hair and Makeup can be used for website and social media purposes unless you clearly express otherwise.



23. The hair and makeup trial will go for a maximum of three hours. Should you wish to try further hair styles or makeup styles, another trial will need to be booked in on another occasion with additional costs.


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