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Product Review – Byron Bay Bronze – Fake Tan

It's 2019 and most people are "sun smart" and therefore avoid harmful sun-baking…because of this, the good old fake tan has become increasingly popular!!!  This is true for most of my clients, especially my brides and their bridal parties.The advice I give all my brides is to have a "fake tan trial" at least a few weeks prior to the wedding to make sure you love the colour you end up with on your big day.  Most of them do adhere to this advice, thankfully!  Unfortunately, however, there is still a minority that end up with a fake tan that is not ideal.  Too green…. too orange… streaky… patchy… dirty… smelly….. uneven!


Before the 2019 spring wedding season started, I decided that I was going to find the perfect fake tan to recommend to all my brides.  Something that wasn't smelly, that wouldn't transfer onto their gowns, and importantly one that was even and natural looking with no sign or green or orange anywhere!!!!


I did my research.  I spent hours reading online reviews and looking at "real life" photos from customers.


I discovered Byron Bay Bronze and didn't find one single bad review… so it had to be good, right?


Byron Bay Bronze's natural and organic ingredients are sustainably sourced and their products are NOT tested on animals.  Their tanning products are odourless, easy to apply, and will not stain your sheets or clothes.  Their packaging is made from ocean waste plastic and $1 from the sale of every bottle is donated to charities that help enhance our planet.


I purchased two bottles of dark tanning foam, a luxury microfibre tanning mit, and of course a bamboo exfoliating glove so I could prepare my body properly before applying the tan.  You can purchase all these online directly from   


Now, I don't have much experience in fake tanning as I have always been "turned off" by the bad tans I've seen over the years… but I knew I had to try it for myself before I could recommend the product to anyone.


BBB dark tanning mit

The first thing I noticed when applying the tan was the "instant" colour! I looked tanned instanty!  There was also no smell and the product dried immediately.  I slept in it overnight on my WHITE sheets, and there was zero transferance.  Not even a single stain on my clothing.  A quick rinse in the morning and voila! I looked like I had spent a couple of days tanning at the beach!  I was so impressed that I decided to go even darker so I re-applied the following evening. 


The results – a very natural looking tan with NOT A SINGLE TINGE OF GREEN OR ORANGE!  It went on evenly, my hands, feet, elbows and knees look evenly tanned and there are no dirty patches anywhere!  I have converted!  I am no longer afraid of the fake tan and know that I will be using Byron Bay Bronze fake tan regularly.  I cannot recommend this product enough.


This is NOT a sponsored post, and I purchased these products myself.


Rebekah Foxe

Makeup Artistry by Rebekah

PRODUCT REVIEW – Clarisonic Mia Skin Care Brush

Every makeup and/or beauty junkie I know has been raving about the Clarisonic skin care brush for a very long time.  With the $250+ price tag, I wasn’t in a huge rush to get it.


So while I was in Hawaii last month on a family vacation (and makeup/skincare purchasing expedition!!!!) I saw the Clarisonic Mia for US$99 in Sephora.  In the basket it went, without hesitation.  The Mia is the one-speed version of the original (as opposed to three-speed), but that suited me fine.  I just had to see what all the fuss was about!  (The price of the Mia in Australia is AU$150+)

Straight from the website, the Clarisonic sonic method is explained:

Unlike spinning devices, our patented sonic technology works with skin’s natural elasticity, oscillating at a sonic frequency that produces over 300 movements per second. The resulting flexing action created between the outer and inner brushes work to loosen dirt and oil, removing deep-seated impurities from pores and priming skin to better absorb topical treatments.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I noticed results INSTANTLY!  My skin has always been quite dull, with regular breakouts, dry in some places, large pores, super sensitive, with an oily t-zone.  If I leave the house I have to at least have some BB cream on to even out the skintone a little as I just hate the look of my naked skin.  At times my skin looked and felt like that of a teenager, which was quite depressing for someone in her twenties (ok, ok…. thirties).

I have been using the Clarisonic now for about 4 weeks (together with my new Boscia Skin Care, also purchased from Sephora, which I will also be blogging about at a later date) and my skin has never, ever, ever felt or looked so good.  It has transformed my skin!!  My pores are disappearing, the texture is smooth, my skin feels and looks radiant, and the breakouts have decreased significantly.


Highly recommend this vibrating little gadget to everyone!!!!

You can buy them here:


Rebekah Foxe

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Getting a fake tan for your wedding…

The majority of my clients are brides. Most of them come to me for advice on various beauty-related topics – how do I get rid of my pimples by my wedding day? How can I erase pigmentation? etc etc. But the most frequent queries relate to fake and/or spray tanning – “To spray tan, or not to spray tan?: That is the question”!

I am not a lover of spray tanning, or any fake tan (even bottled tanning products), to be honest. Unless it is done perfectly and through a highly reputable company, they can look extremely fake, often giving off that orange hue…. it’s a tough task for us makeup artists trying to match a yellow coloured face to an orange decolletage!

When I try to convince the bride to “look herself on her wedding day” some indicate they just want to have that “sunkissed” look. Perhaps it’s the fact we live in "the land down under" and the “bronzed Aussie” skin is expected and admired? My advice for those brides is to SHOP AROUND VERY CAREFULLY. A spray tan gone wrong can have devastating effects on your overall look on the big day.

Go with a reputable company, one that uses state of the art equipment. Always have a trial run AT LEAST a few months before your wedding, and try to attend your makeup trial “wearing” the skin colour you desire for your big day.

Follow the tips given to you by the salon on how to look after your spray tan: tips like exfoliation before your spray tan appointment; waxing at least one or two days beforehand; and not showering for at least 12 hours after your spray tan application. There is a reason why they give you these tips – to ensure that you get the most from your spray tanning session!!! You are paying decent money to get this tan, so do it properly!!!

For those brides who chose to go a la naturale, I commend them… the porcelain look is gorgeous, and pale skin has definitely made a comeback. Some people even say that “Pale skin equals class”! You only need to look at celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman – true alabaster beauties, whose look would be totally different if they were tanned and "sunkissed".

Visualise this look – pale skin, blonde hair, soft smokey eyes, rosey blush, false long lashes, and glossy lips….

Or for the brunettes – pale skin, extended liner, false long lashes, rosey blush, deep red lips… Beautiful!

I will leave you with some photo’s of one of my favourite alabaster clients – “Pale beauties”…

I hope these tips have assisted you. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me on

Rebekah Foxe
Makeup Artistry by Rebekah


How to prepare your skin for your wedding day

It is important to prepare your skin for the big day, so here are a few tips on how you can achieve this.

One of the most important things you can do in the lead up to your wedding day is to prepare your skin. Every bride wants to look beautiful, and although I can definitely hide those blemishes, nothing beats having beautiful, glamorous looking skin for the big day. There are many ways to achieve this, but it is important to start thinking about your skin at least 4 or 5 months in advance of your wedding.

Eat healthy foods

Eating healthy food makes a huge difference. Eating loads of fruits and vegetables, and foods which are high in anti-oxidants – like berries, nuts and legumes – help to repair your skin. Avoid foods high in salt and sugar, as well as alcohol (making an exception for your hen's night, or course!). It is also a good idea to take vitamins on a daily basis.

Drink lots of Water

This is the most important thing you can do. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Water cleans your skin improving its texture and quality, and eliminates blemishes and imperfections.


Daily exercise is really important. The increase in circulation keeps your skin looking radiant (not to mention your body in shape!)

Sleep well

Your skin rejuvenates while you sleep. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, it will show on your skin! Try to get between 6 and 8 hours of sleep a night, if at all possible.

Develop a strict skin care regime

It is so important to cleanse, tone, and moisturise twice daily (in the morning, and in the evening). You don’t have to use expensive products. Supermarket brands such as  Garnier and Loreal can be just as effective as the more expensive brands (and are better than nothing!). The main thing is that your skin is clean. Never go to bed with makeup still on your face!!! This is a big no-no! Your skin needs to breath, particularly when you sleep, so even if you are extremely tired, wipe off that eye-makeup and cleanse the skin before bed. If you really have no energy, invest in a packet of makeup remover towelettes from the supermarket and use those to clean your face after a late night. Again, it's better than nothing!

It is important to GENTLY remove your eye makeup. You can use an eye-makeup remover for this, although, a cheap and effective way is to wet the eye and remove the makeup with sorbolene crème on a cotton makeup pad. Use gentle upward and downward strokes. You will be surprised how easy it comes off.

Exfoliate at least twice a week

It is important to exfoliate at least once or twice a week. Micro-dermabrasion is very effective, and these days you can buy at-home kits relatively cheap, like the Nutrimetics Micro-dermabrasion kit (which is about $90)… I have personally used this product and noticed the effects almost instantly!  Remember to always do a patch test first and always follow with a good moisturiser.  If you have a bit more money to spend, professional micro-dermabrasion might be a good idea.

Use an eye crème

It is important to use an eye crème with your daily skin care regime. For those with puffy eyes, try using an eye gel.


It is so much better to flush out your skin of acne, rather than suppress it. Exfoliate regularly, and start months before your wedding to allow your skin to repair itself in time for the big day. If you are using Acne products like Clearasil or Pro-activ, make sure you do a patch test first, and start using the product at least a few months before your wedding in case you have any reactions. These products are really strong, and it's important to take these precautions.

If your acne is severe, see a dermatologist at least 6 months before your wedding to enable time to treat the problem.


If you are steadfast about getting a facial before your wedding, remember this….. the purpose of a facial is to draw out impurities… and often lead to break outs. If you have never had a facial before, please schedule one in at least a few months before your wedding, and get them done regularly right up until the wedding. Do not take a risk by getting a facial done for the first time a week or two before the wedding. Chances are it will not go as planned and you’ll end up with skin you would rather not have on your wedding day! Some people react terribly to facials (especially those with acne problems). However, then there are some people who say the results are fantastic!


Use a sunscreen

Apply sunscreen to your face and neck daily. Many moisturisers and day crèmes come with an in-built sunscreen, which is useful.

Sun exposure can be harmful to your skin, so avoid long periods in the sun unprotected, and als0 avoid tanning. If you are using a fake tan or spray on tan it is important to have a ‘trial’ at least a few months before your wedding. You will be shocked how many brides end up looking ‘orange’ on their wedding day! Not a good look.

There’s nothing wrong with going ‘natural’… Healthy, fresh, pale, fair skin is very fashionable these days!

Good luck with your skin preparation, and remember if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Rebekah Foxe

Makeup Artistry by Rebekah