Urban Decay Naked Palette – vs – Chi Chi Nude Palette

The Urban Decay Naked Palette is a staple eyeshadow among many makeup artists for many reasons.  Consisting of 12 neutral colours, they suit any skin tone and can create so many different looks, from a bronze eye to a smokey grey – this palette is a must have for everyone!


The palette comes in a luxurious chocolate and gold velvet box with a beautiful eyeshadow brush.  You also get a travel-size primer potion which aids in maintaining a crease-free look all day. 


Naked Palette2

You can purchase the Urban Decay Naked Palette from Beauty Bay for $58.80 including delivery.  The 12 colours are listed on their website at http://www.beautybay.com/cosmetics/urbandecay/nakedpalette/


The colours are:

– Virgin eye shadow (Nude satin)

– Sin eye shadow (Champagne shimmer)

– Naked eye shadow (Buff Matte)

– Sidecar (Beige with glitter)

– Buck (Brown matte)

– Half baked (bronze shimmer)

– Smog (golden brown shimmer)

– Darkhorse (dark bronze shimmer)

– Toasted (Taupe shimmer)

– Hustle (Mocha shimmer)

– Creep (black with sparkle)

– Gunmetal (dark grey with sparkle)


Word on the street is that Chi Chi is selling a dupe of this palette for around one third of the price.  Curiosity got the better of me so I decided to purchase the palette from Myer for a bargain price of $19.95!!!  At first glance you can see why people are saying this is a dupe of the Naked palette – the colours look almost identical.  The main difference at first glance is the packaging – the Chi Chi palette is in a cheaper looking plastic palette with two double-sided sponge applicators rather than a brush.


naked palette

When I first used the Chi Chi palette I must admit I was surprisingly impressed – the eyeshadows went on really nicely and the pigment was pretty good!  It was definitely a little messier than the Naked Palette and I had a fair bit of fallout, but nothing that can't be whisked away with a brush.  The colours blended well together.  A tick of approval from me!!!


I took some colour swatches of the colours from each of the palettes to compare – you can see that there are a lot of similarities, but a few of the colours are a tad different, for example the "darkhorse" colour is a lot darker and pigmented in the Naked Palette, and "half baked" is more bronzy in the Naked Palette.



naked chi chi 2

And under LED light:


naked chi chi

Overall, the Chi Chi is a great palette to have in ones personal makeup collection – I really like this palette and will continue to use it for personal use.  However, the Naked Palette is a bestseller for a reason – the quality is definitely more superior when comparing to the Chi Chi palette.  The shadows are a lot more pigmented and a little bit goes a long way.  So it's staying in my professional kit (no offence to Chi Chi!!!)


Rebekah Foxe
Makeup Artistry by Rebekah

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